Classical Homeopathy and CEASE Therapy is available:

In Clinic at: Halfmoon Bay

Sechelt, Gibsons, Vancouver and lower mainland, Princeton BC Canada

About Homeopathy and wellness

Homeopathy has been used for over 200 years by more than 500 million people, who choose Homeopathy as their main form of health care.

Homeopathy is based on Universal laws of nature, most importantly "like cures like". This fundamental universal law of nature means: That what a substance can cause (side effects: primary and secondary drug symptoms) it can cure.

We have all watched commercials boasting the next "soon to be famous cure" followed by a very long list of side effects. This is what that drug can cause. You know them as "side-effects".

As a homeopath, I look at your entire system and how it is functioning. I then choose a holistic homeopathic remedy that matches as many of your personal symptoms. This personalized way of prescribing means that we are treating your system holistically and by doing that we can treat without causing potential side effects.

Here is an example of how Homeopathy works:"Like cures like"

Most of us have peeled an Onion and noted that our eyes burn and water, our nose runs continually, sometimes we sneeze. This discharge may even burn the skin under our nose and leave it red. So consider, if you have a cold, flu or allergy with these symptoms, you can employ a homeopathic remedy; made from the Onion; to resolve your symptoms.

A correctly chosen remedy can neutralize your symptoms in a safe and effective manner, without the noted side effects you can see with over the counter allergy medicines.

CEASE Therapy: Iso-Therapy and supported Ortho-moleculars can aid in the elimination of toxic layers that affect development or social and learning behaviors and calm the central nervous system and inflammation in the brain and body. available Gibsons, Sechelt, Halfmoon Bay, Medeira Park and Vancouver, BC Canada