Is Homeopathy


Yes Homeopathy is safe for the entire family, from infants to the aged. Homeopathic remedies; like all medicines are made from many different kinds of substances; plants, animal and minerals.

The biggest difference between Allopathic versus Homeopathic medicines is, Homeopathic remedies are highly refined; which makes them very gentle, and this refined quality makes them a stimulant rather than a suppressant to the body.

In addition, your personalized prescription; a Homeopathic remedy; takes in your entire well-being. A holistic and well-rounded Homeopathic remedy strengthens your

entire immune system in a natural way and balances the hyper or hypo expression of your system.

Homeopathy works with your immune system, supporting it's safe and balance response to to any illness. A natural holistic approach strengthens your overall immunity with naturally acquired anti-bodies. Most naturally acquired anti-body give life long protection.

Homeopathy and Cease therapy is recognized in the search for elimination of the autism spectrum disorders of modern illnesses.

A holistic Retreat: Artesia Homeopathic Clinic and Cease Therapy in Halfmoon Bay BC, options are close at hand, if you live in Gibsons, Sechelt, Madeira Park, or Vancouver BC, I offer a FREE 15 minute information call. I offer Skype consults to clients all over North America and visit Princeton BC Monthly offering both Classical Homeopathy, Cease and Veterinary Homeopathy.