Price List

Homeopathic Consults for Acute and Chronic patients

Initial Homeopathic Consults: 90-120 minutes in length

The consult information is then evaluated until a full understanding of your mental, emotional and physical well-being is made. A Homeopathic remedy suggestion & Ortho-Molecular support information is provided with your initial consult


Acute Homeopathic Consults: Based on time. Information, review and remedy suggestion.

$89 per hour

CEASE Therapy: Includes a Full detailed consult and evaluation of medical records, vaccine records and hospitalizations. Treatment is a combination of Classical Homeopathy, Iso-Therapy and Ortho-Molecular Supports. The client must commit to not less than 6 months of therapy.

  • Contact; as needed; with me throughout the initial 3 month learning period.
  • 2 (X) 6-week follow ups
  • Recommendations:
  • Saturday homeopathic remedy (included)
  • Iso-Therapy (included)
  • Ortho-Molecular support. (Client purchased local health food store)

$500 first 3 months

$89 per hour there after

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